Meet Morgan.  She’s 25 and is completely (and hilariously) terrified of driving thru drive thrus.   So today, for the first time ever, we pushed her to drive THRU one… on the radio.

As part of a new segment called Face Your Fears, where we make you face your irrational fears live on air, our weekend girl Brooklyn went with her to Dairy Queen and held the phone out to catch all the glorious, messy audio in action.


DID SHE MAKE IT THRU THE DRIVE THRU!?! Here’s how it all went down:
(Skip to the 2 min mark if you want to hear the audio driving THRU the drive thru… before that we discussed her fear in studio & how she got the fear):


Play Pause


Listen: This Listener Is Terrified of Driving Thru Drive Thrus So We Made Her Go Through One for The First Time & It Was Beautiful

Originally Aired: July 26, 2017



– Lauren Hunter