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On Wednesday, July 26th, SONiC Boy Andrew proved Edmonton is still the City of Champions. He went to Taste of Edmonton with one question:

Can you eat one of EVERYTHING at Taste of Edmonton?

I talked to Paul – GM for Taste of Edmonton – to see if it has ever been done before and he said, no one has ever been this brave. With 47 vendors and 13 food trucks, each with two samples, you would need to eat about 100 different kinds of food in 12 hours.

That’s where Andrew comes in. He volunteered to take on the challenge while he was eating his usual lunch…3 A&W Grandpa burgers. On Wednesday morning, Taste of Edmonton hooked him up will all the tickets he’d need to buy one of everything, and he got to work.

From 12:20pm – 11:30pm he managed to eat EVERYTHING. HE DID IT!!!

I called him the next morning to see how he was feeling, and get a final tally of everything he ate:

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LISTEN: Taste of Everything Recap

Originally Aired: July 27, 2017


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