During yesterday’s storm, most of Edmonton experienced the negativities of a weather – hail, flooding, general annoyance.

But local artist Jay Bigam is turning Alberta storms into something beautiful. He’s teamed up with six storm chasers to create epic pieces oil paintings inspired by extreme weather.


The project is called Turbulent Skies and according to his website, Bigam wants “to experience the impact and raw power of the storm”. Talk about COOL.

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After a 17-year hiatus, Bigam was inspired to begin painting again after a twister touched down Breton, Alta. last month.

Bigam told CBC:

“It’s incredible when you’re there and you’re standing in front of one of these incredible fronts that move in. It’s really hard to describe but it certainly has really sunk in, just the energy, the motion and movement of these storms.”

“That’s what I try to convey in my paintings, is the movement.”


“Turbulent Skies” is a six piece exhibit Bigam hopes to showcase sometime next year. He is currently working on the first piece of the project.


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