One of Edmonton’s greatest festivals RETURNS!


The Edmonton Fringe Festival first began in 1982 and returns in 2017 for its 36th year! This year’s theme is A Midsummer Night’s Fringe. Here’s what you’ve gotta know for one of the city’s most eccentric summer events.


1. Biggest and best in North America. The Edmonton Fringe Festival is the largest and oldest of its kind in all of North America. If that’s not impressive enough, each year over 800 artists put on 1600+ performances in 45+ venues.  2016 brought in a record breaking 850, 000 attendees. 


2. Huge support for performers. Loads of local, national and international artists perform each year at the Fringe. 100% of ticket sales go directly to the performers because no performer should starve to do what they’re passionate about. You’ll see street performers between venues too, be sure to toss ’em a toonie or more, eh! Check out a list of shows HERE


3. Wild performances in cool venues. This year, you can go to Fringe plays in nearly 50 venues. Some are theaters, but there’s also pubs and bookshops. Check them all out HERE


4. In the heart of Old Strathcona. The Fringe celebrates creativity and extraordinary performances, so what better place for it to be held than along Whyte Ave! The entire festival is tucked away all along Old Strathcona with food trucks, street performances and fun galore!


5. Fun for everyone – even kids! Bring the family for a matinee show and a trip through KidsFringe before heading home, dropping the kids off with the sitter and heading back for a more ~adult show~. Be sure to stop in at the beer gardens to try to official Fringe beer!


Get more info on the Fringe HERE.

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