You’re gonna love this place!

If you haven’t heard, a brand new beach has popped up in Edmonton’s downtown in the Cloverdale area, and it’s pretty great.  It was a result of some bridge construction, the city had to put up a berm and the changed water flow resulted in a beautiful new beach!


I checked it out myself, and honestly, it wholly succeeded my expectations.  The sand was fresh, the water was nice, and honestly there was not a spec of garbage in sight!


If you want to get there, here’s what to do according to (and I know it works – because I used their instructions to get there!):


“Park around 98th Ave and 95th Street and head east on the paved trail, switching over to the multi use trail to the left. When you reach an opening to the single track trail, switch to that and use the second spot to get down to the river, it’s much easier than the first spot you’ll pass. It’s past the birdhouse on the trail.

For an even shorter walk, park on 92nd street, and head into the paved path, on to the multi use trail and the single track to the river access. “


If you go, make sure to wear good footwear!  The only thing is it CAN be a bit of a steep climb down to the beach!


Here’s my own adventure at the beach:



Happy travels!!