Rise Against makes their mighty return to Edmonton TONIGHT at the Shaw Conference Centre. Get tickets HERE!

And in the meantime, here are five fun facts about the Chicago rockers:


1. Clean lifestyle. Nearly all members of Rise Against live a “straight edge” lifestyle by refraining from all alcohol, tobacco and other drug use in reaction to the excesses of the punk subculture.

2. Kids are mean. Not their kids. Growing up, frontman Tim McIIrath was teased for having a blue left eye and brown right eye, otherwise known as heterochromia.

3. Advocates. The band is known for their advocacy and progressivism through work with organizations like Amnesty International and It Gets Better Project. They regularly speak out on animal rights in support of PETA. All members, excluding drummer Brandon Barnes, are vegetarian.

4. Flintsones roots. Before becoming Rise Against, guitarist Dan Wleklinski and bassist Joe Principe were in a hardcore punk band called 88 Fingers Louie – named after a Flintstones gangster who sells dodgy pianos.

5. Well documented. In 2006, the band released Generation Lost – How We Survive, a documentary showing the band on tour. Family members make appearances, including McIIrath’s daughter. Watch the entire thing below:


Feel like seeing a rock show tonight? Get tickets to Rise Against with Pierce the Veil and White Lung HERE.

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