Allan Rayman makes his Edmonton debut tonight at the Starlite Room! Get tickets for tonight’s show HERE.

And then learn more about the mysterious rocker below!


1. His Wikipedia page is only two lines long. Rayman’s page tells us that he’s from Toronto and that he has two albums, Hotel Allan (2016) and Roadhouse 01 (2017). What’s missing is the fun little factoid that he’s from Lost Springs, Wyoming – a town of just four people.

2. Not a talker. Rayman refuses to do interviews, so we probably won’t have one for you after the show. Sorry.

3. Huge grunge fan. His Instagram gives a little more insight into who Rayman is. He’s shared a lot of photos of some of his favourite acts – including Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Smashing Pumpkins and more.


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4. He makes music films, not videos. Rayman’s visual components for his music are extremely well done. There’s a consistent theme of love and death throughout both his music and visuals. Rayman believes the two are intertwined. He stated that he “fears love like the common man fears death.” Uplifting. Check out the video for his song “Beverly” to see his talent in full swing:


5. He does it all. Allan Rayman is in charge of everything Allan Rayman does. He writes, sings, producesyou name it, he does it. But don’t expect much personal time with him while he’s on stage – as soon as he jumps on stage its all about the music. The only time he pauses is to sit as a table for a drink while a women’s voice looms overhead.


Wanna see Allan Rayman perform in all his mysterious glory TONIGHT? Get your tickets HERE.

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