Tonight is the night! McDavid and the boys show off their fancy new jerseys on home ice against the stinky Calgary Flames.

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Half the team will play in Calgary, while the other half stays home. Based on last year’s stats, it looks like our boys can CRUSH the Flames. Overall, the Oilers won 47 games in comparison to the Flames’ 45. HA, LOSERS. We also scored a total of 103 points to the Flames’ lame-oh 94.


And of course, never forget SONiC evening host Lauren Hunter‘s LUDICROUS Connor McPortrait painting.

Or when he said he’d sign it – and then DID!


Now it’s time to get your VERY OWN CONNOR McPORTRAIT! Join Lauren THIS Saturday from 4-8PM live at Denizen Hall and get your very own Connor McPortrait print! Pay what you want for your print, with all the proceeds going to YESS. Get more info HERE.


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And never forget this kid. MVP extraordinaire.


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