This is AMAZING news.

Meet Jordan and Chase, they met on my show about a year ago, with a dating game called Radio Tinder.  And now, THEY’RE GETTING MARRIED!!! All because the met here on SONiC 102.9.

Basically, with Radio Tinder, I get listeners to text in mini bios about themselves, and we match them up with other total strangers ON the radio. We ask these strangers a couple questions, find out if they’re right for each other, and at the end of the call, if they want, they can exchange numbers and go on a date.

Here’s Jordan and Chase’s FIRST TIME ever talking, and the story of how they met on air.  

Well, they phoned in with a huge announcement today…. and we caught up with them to find out how it all went down!!!

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LISTEN: These Two SONiC Listeners Who Met on Lauren's Radio Show Are NOW GETTING MARRIED!!!!

Originally Aired: September 22, 2017

Pretty fantastic news, CONGRATS GUYS!!!

PS… should I get ordained for the wedding now?! 😛

If YOU want to give Radio Tinder a shot, sign up NOW HERE and maybe I’ll help YOU find your soulmate too!!!

– Lauren Hunter