Coldplay returns to the City of Champions TONIGHT! They’re playing back-to-back shows at Rogers. Check tickets for tonight’s show HERE and tomorrow’s HERE.

Celebrate the band’s great return to your city with these five fun facts!



1. They met in school. Nearly all of the bandmates met while attending university. Chris Martin and Johnny Buckland met during orientation week at the University College London and the rest of the guys joined up with them shortly afterwards. Read more about Rockers with Degrees HERE.

2. They stole their nameNo one in the band came up with the name “Coldplay”. In fact, they stole it. They were going by “Starfish” until a schoolmate mentioned that he was thinking of the name Coldplay for his band. The guys liked it so they stole it.

3. Bowie rejected them. The band has collaborated with a lot of talented artists – Noel Gallagher, the Flaming Lips, R.E.M.’s Micheal Stipe, JAY-Z and more – but Bowie will forever be the one that got away. Watch Chris Martin explain the rejection below:


4. “The Scientist” really exists. The song off Coldplay’s groundbreaking album A Rush of Blood to the Head was inspired by a real guy. In the album’s liner notes, the band states that “The Scientist is Dan” – referring to Dan Keeling, a talent scout at Parlophone Records. Celebrate the album’s 15th anniversary HERE.

5. They’re funny dudes. Back in 2015, the band acted in a Red Nose Day skit writing the lyrics to a Game of Throne musical. Hilarity ensued! Watch below:


Tonight’s set times are subject to change:


ALINA BARAZ: 6:45-7:15PM

TOVE LO: 7:30-8:15PM


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