One of the best things about this city is that regardless of the season, you can start a “LET’S GO OILERS!” chant anywhere you go.

But tonight we will chant louder than every before, FOR IT IS THE REGULAR SEASON KICK OFF AND HOME OPENER!!!

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Originally Aired: October 4, 2017


New jerseys, a new arena and, if the rumors are true, a STELLAR line up.

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Based on this morning’s skate, the line ups to expect are:


Of course, all eyes will be on rookie Kailer Yamamoto, who was recently signed to the Oilers. This will be the 19-year old’s first taste of NHL regular season action.


Also – you get to use an Oilers emoji on Twitter tonight. What a time to be alive!


Get tickets for tonight’s game and the rest of the season HERE!

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