Is this Henry Mak? Paula Simons from The Edmonton Journal thinks it may be….

This has to be one of the weirdest stories going on during the civil election. Henry Mak is one of the 13 people running for Mayor in Edmonton. However, he doesn’t do interviews. Hasn’t released a photo, and recently had an “agent” show up on his behalf for a mayoral forum.

The question was then asked, does Henry Mak exsist? His “agent” handed out a phone number to some media members, claiming it was Mr. Mak’s personal line. I got my hands on it, and gave him a call. Listen, as I break down the interaction:

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Who Is Henry Mak? Bryce Solves The Mystery. Kind of. Not Really...

Originally Aired: October 6, 2017

Garner claims I solved nothing. Maybe he’s right. Paula Simons from the Journal thinks she may have figured it out. You can read her article HERE. Without question this is a bizarre story. Is is the behavior of someone who should be mayor? Cast your vote October 16th.

FOR THE RECORD, THIS is Henry Mak’s website, which it appears he shares with his “Agent.”

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