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The Rural Alberta Advantage‘s 4th album “The Wild” is out today (October 13th). We went through the album track by track with frontman Nils Edenloff.

In the interview, Nils talks about the overall theme of the record, we’ll find out if there’s any songs about Edmonton, hear how a lineup change has challenged the band, and we’ll go through each song on the album.

Listen to the new album from The Rural Alberta Advantage with Nils here:

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LISTEN: The Rural Alberta Advantage - The Wild - Track by Track

Originally Aired: October 13, 2017


1: Beacon Hill
2: Bad Luck Again
3: Dead/Alive
4: Brother
5: Toughen Up
6: White Lights
7: Alright
8: Selfish Dreams
9: Wild Grin
10: Letting Go

The album is out today through Paper Bag Records. The Rural Alberta Advantage are playing a FREE SHOW at Blackbyrd on Friday at 5pm and you can still get tickets for their show November 29th at Union Hall.

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