The first Shrek movie came out way back in 2001, but the green ogre is still very much alive.

He’s living his best life in Madison, Wisconsin at the annual Shrekfest – and it’s exactly what is sounds like.


The one-day event started out as a hoax on Facebook, but a group of friends wanted to make it real. The festival just celebrated its fourth year with their biggest turn out yet.


Festival activities include:

  • pin the tail on Donkey
  • a costume contest
  • Shrek-themed merchandise
  • screening of Shrek
  • and of course – AN ONION EATING COMPETITION (why not parfait???)


Grant Duffrin, a video editor and Shrekfest connoisseur, was part of the group that spearheaded the festival. They wanted the festival to be free of charge, so each year its open to members of the public and they had out free Shrek-themed merch to keep everyone included. They even hand out free beer, they just ask for a donation to help cover the festival costs.

Read more about the friend behind the magic and check out their website HERE. It’s pretty insane.


Based on this past year’s Facebook event and this wrap up video, it looks pretty ALL-STAR.