Band Members

Colleen Brown – lead vocals, electric guitar, keys, tambourine
Trevor Mann – lead guitar, vocals
Murray Wood – bass
Shea Connor – drums, vocals
Jesse Northey – keys, vocals
Elijah Abrams – additional guitars, synth, vocals
Aaron Goldstein – pedal steel, organ, additional guitars

Upcoming Shows

Feb 14 – Edmonton, AB – 9910 (The Common)
Feb 16 – Lethbridge, AB – The Slice
Feb 17 – Camrose, AB – The Bailey Theatre (Nordlys Film Festival)
Feb 18 – Calgary, AB – The Nite Owl


With versatile songs and a voice akin to Joni Mitchell, Colleen Brown is relentlessly unafraid. In 2015 she released her 4th studio album ‘Direction’ – co-produced by Joel Plaskett – topping college radio charts, and touring Canada, Germany and the UK. Kerry Doole of says ‘she is the rare vocalist that impresses equally on vibrant soul and quiet folk…travelling in Brown’s Direction is one very pleasing trek.’

Now Brown has taken on a new moniker, Major Love, and teamed up with some of Canada’s finest musicians.
The new album ‘Major Love’ was conceived in the lamplight of London’s Bedroom Bar, during that first tour overseas. Edmonton rock trio Scenic Route To Alaska were also wrapping their first tour in Germany and the UK, promoting their newest album. The two acts found themselves on the same dimly lit stage in Shoreditch, 7000 kms from their home-town, bonding over an appreciation of vintage Harmony guitars, singalong pop/rock anthems and an affinity for the spacious, soulful recordings released on the Stax and Motown labels in the 1960’s.

An album was tracked live off the floor a month later, during a summer heatwave in Edmonton’s True North Studios with Jesse Northey (Jesse and the Dandelions) on keys and faders. Contributions from multi-instrumentalist Elijah Abrams followed, with mixes and co-production by Toronto- based pedal steel guru Aaron Goldstein, along with Kenneth Meehan (Daniel Romano) and the singalong single ‘So Good’ mixed by Brooklyn’s prodigious hit-makers Gus van Go and Werner F.
Two songs from this album have already been lauded for their song-craft. ‘Motherland’ – written essentially as a love-letter to Alberta – won a province wide songwriting contest in 2015 through the ATB competition, to the tune of $10,000; and the powerful ballad ‘I Love All Of You’ was a finalist in the Unsigned Only International Songwriting Competition for 2017.

These songs thrive at the intersection between Brown’s resonant vocal expression and SRTA’s spirited swagger. It is music to move body and soul.

Colleen will be touring ‘Major Love’ throughout 2018 with a full band.



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Major Love - So Good

Originally Aired: January 2, 2018

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Major Love - Motherland

Originally Aired: January 2, 2018

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Major Love - Tear It Down

Originally Aired: January 2, 2018



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Originally Aired: January 2, 2018


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