You might remember about a week ago, we got a wrong number text to SONiC 102.9 that read “Hey Stacey, Can you take the cat juice out of the fridge”? Thinking it was a funny wrong number text, I innocently called the person back to figure out what cat juice was, but the person ended up hanging up on us and not giving us answers.

After I aired this call, it got an UNPRECEDENTED reaction from you on our SONiC text line speculating to what cat juice was, ranging with theories from “cat saliva” to a milk you feed your cat.

Well, in a turn of events, someone phoned in claiming to be the friend of the so called “cat juice” texter, and broke the case wide open.

Here’s what HE SAYS…. cat juice ACTUALLY is.

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LISTEN: We Finally Solved The Greatest Mystery on This Show & Figured Out What Cat Juice Is

Originally Aired: January 12, 2018