Would you sacrifice yourself to help the Oilers win?


Dan is a blogger at OilersNation who has decided to wear shorts all winter long until the team hits a .500 record. That means an equal number of wins and losses. So far, the team would have to win 6 more games in a row to get there.


This all started when Dan made an offhanded comment on Twitter suggesting he’d do this, and as of now he’s been wearing shorts since October 11th, or 99 days.


Dan says the fad is catching on and other people have been making “sacrifices” to help the team win, such as an OilersNation member who has been doing 100 crunches after every team loss, or fellow blogger BaggedMilk who eats a bowl of beets after every loss (…let’s face it. Beets suck).


We chatted with Dan to see just HOW HARD this shorts pledge has been for him, and heard the passionate plea he has for the Oilers (and Connor):


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LISTEN: This Oilers Fan Is Refusing To Wear Pants Until The Team Hits a .500 Record

Originally Aired: January 18, 2018


Dan EVEN made CBC and  Hockey Night in Canada recently!




We wish you the best of luck, Dan.


– Lauren Hunter