Hollerado are headed out on tour with Portugal. the Man over the next few weeks, and you can hitch a ride on their tour bus.


To help cover the costs of the tour, the band has opened up two bunks on their tour bus that can be rented through Airbnb. Check out the Edmonton-Calgary listing HERE.


The $400 price tag includes two bunks, tickets to both shows in Edmonton AND Calgary, transportation (only to Calgary, gotta find a way home), and free WiFi.

According to the listing, the band has a few rules to abide by. The bus is:

  • Smoke free
  • Poop-free (bathroom is for #1’s only)
  • Bummer-free

Other cities include Calgary-Saskatoon and Saskatoon-Winnipeg.


Hollerado also released a band new song today called “Eloise”. Watch below.

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