You can now take classes…. to strength train with your dog!

Sarah Keller is the mastermind behind “Sit, Stay Squat” an Edmonton fitness club that teaches strength training workouts for both dog & their human!

The class just started this January at the Dog House Day Care on the south side.  Keller was taught via certification in Chicago.  This workout will help you stay fit, AND your fuzzy friend, because let’s face it dogs need a LOT of activity too.

Listen to hear more about the workout routine here!


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LISTEN: This Edmonton Woman Wants To Help You Work Out With Your Dog

Originally Aired: January 29, 2018

You can learn more about Sit, Stay, Squat classes on their website HERE.

(correction to on air piece: we said it’s, but it’s .ca!)

Sounds like a RUFF way to workout! 😛