Meet Alan. He just competed in the Olympics of baking, and now he’s ranked as one of the Top 6 best pastry chefs in the world.

Alan is an instructor at NAIT, and according to their website, N”AIT baking instructor and program chair Alan Dumonceaux can count himself among the world’s best bakers after competing this week in the prestigious Masters de la Boulangerie.

Dumonceaux was invited last fall to be the first and only Canadian among the 6 competitors in the gourmet baking category of the competition, which took place Feb. 5 in Paris. During the course of the grueling, 10-hour event, Dumonceaux produced 184 pastries from 34 different recipes.”

We chatted with Alan, and got some baking tips from this master chef:

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LISTEN: This Edmonton Baker Is Now Ranked As The Top 6 Best In the World

Originally Aired: February 16, 2018

Congratulations Alan!  Can’t wait to see what you make in the future.

– Lauren