Tess Aboughoushe is an Edmonton hero.  She was walking down the street when she heard a woman’s screams, and realised this stranger’s purse was getting stolen.  She ended up chasing the theif down, getting the woman’s wallet back, and taking the thief out for coffee.

Tess explains the harrowing experience:



Here’s Tess’ description of the event on her Instagram:

Holy crap. I’m walking back from my chiro appointment and a woman begins screaming and I see a man taking off and she yells that he took her wallet, just like in the movies and I chased him down. He stops and says he can’t do this anymore and hands me back the wallet and she catches up and he apologizes 100 times, says he’s never done something like this before. She hugs me and I wish her a happy Valentine’s day, then I take the guy to credo, buy him a large coffee to stay, listen to his situation.. go upstairs to the office and call the police. He was very regretful and contrite but a desperate man could do desperate things and he needs the help of the police. I took the photo before he handed back the wallet. Only two blocks of running but I think my heart rate is going like I sprinted a 5k right now. Just like in the movies, guys. Holy crap! . ??????? . #yegdt #civiliantakedown #yegrunner #runningcameinhandy #holycrap #happyvalentinesday

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You can read more via CBC here.