Every day on SONiC we air a segment on SONiC called “Music News You can Use” where we tell you relevant music info of the day.  In yesterday’s report, it happened to mention that Blink 182 is boycotting Fedex because Fedex won’t cut their ties with the NRA. 


This seemed to anger a caller though, who phoned in saying he was going to Boycott blink-182 and that we should ban all cars because cars kill people too.


I tried to argue that no one says we should ban all guns, BUT, it seems the US should enact some gun reform & laws to prevent tragedy.



Here’s how the “interesting” argument went:


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LISTEN: Lauren Takes On a Gun Supporter Who Says We Should Ban All Cars Because Cars Kill People Too

Originally Aired: March 1, 2018


Was I in the right? Or did the gun supporter make a good point?   Sound off in the comments.