When Hozier played SONiC BOOM in 2015, music director Brandy Taylor asked him the hard hitting questions about his home country of Ireland. Here’s what he had to say.


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Hozier Clears Up Misconceptions About Ireland

Originally Aired: March 17, 2017


  • True of false: people from Ireland swear all the time. 

Yeah, it is a generalization, but I for one swear like a sailor. But it’s a healthy cursing, I think it’s done with good humor.

  • In Ireland everybody knows Bono.

Not quite, no. I’ve actually never met Bono personally! Ireland is a small place, but no, sadly not.

  • Everyone loves Guinness. 

I do drink Guinness and it’s appreciated by many, but I won’t say everyone.

  • People say there’s enough nutrients in a can of Guinness that you could live off Guinness. 

I’d say whoever made that up is a very clever marketer for Guinness. They used to, when you’d give blood, you used to get a half pint of Guinness to replenish you.


So when you’d give blood, not when I’d give blood, but back in my parents’ day. It was a great way for students to stock up on beer, if you know what I mean.

  • Everyone in Ireland is lucky. 

It’s a good country, it’s a great country. I think, the more I travel, the nicer it is to go home.




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