This is an inspiring story coming out of a dark time.

The Edmonton Rock and Roll Society, an organisation that aims to benefit at-risk youth through music, had $25,000 worth of signed guitars stolen this Easter. The guitars are auctioned off to raise money for the chairity.

After feeling gutted, executive director Todd Crawshaw reached out to Facebook in a plea, and says he now has people from across the continent reaching out to help.  He said there’s a chance the band The Plain White Tees (behind the hit song “Hey There Delilah) might even sign a NEW guitar for auction.

Todd says if he had a message for the theives, it’s simple:  “return the guitars…. drop them off outside the organization… no questions asked… we just want them back”.

Hear more with Todd:


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LISTEN: Thieves took $25,000 Worth of Signed Guitars for Children's Charity & Now Edmonton Is Rallying To Help

Originally Aired: April 3, 2018

If you want to help with donations, including gently used instruments you can head to for more info.

According to Todd, here’s what was taken:

– 4 Fender Stratocasters
– 1 Fender bass guitar (black)

1. Red Fender Stratocaster – autographed by Big Brother and the Holding Company (Janis Joplin’s band)
2. Pink Fender Stratocaster – autographed by Sweeney Todd
3. Black Fender Stratocaster – autographed by Jefferson Starship
4. Black Fender Stratocaster – signed by then Mayor Stephen Mandel to commemorate a grant of 19,500.00 in 2010
5. Black & White Fender bass – autographed by all Festival artists in 2012.