Summer is fast approaching, and this could be a game changer in the water balloon world.

Meet Jordana Veen.  She’s an Edmonton mom who started crocheting reusable water balloons that Edmontonians are now clamouring to get their hands on.

Just over a week ago Jordana posted her wooly creations to an Edmonton Buy and Sell Page, and now people are hounding her with messages to get them.

The balloons work when you throw them in a bucket of water, move them around by hand, and once they absorb all the water and become heavy, then you can toss them around!!!

We chatted with Jordana about these awesome creations:


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LISTEN: This Edmonton Mom Crochets Reusable, Environmentally-Friendly Wooly Water Balloons & They're Kind of Awesome

Originally Aired: April 30, 2018