Treat yo’self AND yo’ pooch to a cold one on the patio!

Two Whyte Avenue establishments have opened their patios to dogs. El Cortez (8232 Gateway Blvd) and Have Mercy (8230 Gateway Blvd) began allowing dogs on their patios on Wednesday after getting permission from Alberta Health Services. Co-owner Micheal Maxxis says that as a dog-owner himself, he wanted to bring dogs into his establishment to create a more relaxed atmosphere“If we can have a dog on the patio, why not? Dogs are amazing. Why can’t they be everywhere?” he said.

Of course, a few rules have been added to ensure cleanliness and well-mannered guests:

  1. Dogs must be well behaved. If one loses control, its owners and the dog will be asked to leave.
  2. Aggressive breeds must be muzzled. This includes German shepherds, pit bills and Rottweilers.
  3. Servers are not allowed to touch or clean up after dogs.
  4. Water dishes are separated from human dishes and washed in a separate dishwasher.
  5. Dogs are not permitted in the restaurant, they must head directly to the patio.
  6. Should an accident happen, staff members who do not work with food will clean up and disinfect the mess.