Meet Kenton Zerbin.  He played a trading game where he traded from a paper clip all the way to a tool trailer!

The tool trailer will be used at community and school Permaculture projects to create edible landscapes and teach people how to grow food.   Kevin Did this all in just 11 impessive trades, trading from a paperclip to a pen, to an electric pen, to a pitchfork, to an edging machine (for cutting grass), to a small chest freezer for a samsung tablet, to a rototiller, to a quad… to finally the trailer.

Kevin explains how he did it all in our chat, here:

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Lauren Hunter

LISTEN: This Edmonton Man Traded from A Paperclip to a Trailer in Just 11 Trades to Help the Community

Originally Aired: June 1, 2018


Kenton says for people who are interested in learning how to grow food and be a part of community events where you transform edible school yards and community areas into food you can follow him on Facebook at Kenton Zerbin or at .

Perhaps we need Kenton with his sick trade stills to negotiate NAFTA 😛

– Lauren Hunter