Imagine looking up at a billboard and being shocked to see your face on it.  That’s what happened to Brendan Bachewich, as he woke up one morning to discover he was now the front and centre of the marketing campaign for the 2018 K-Days run.

K-Days have a policy on their tickets where it says they can use your photos at the event as promotional material.  So haven’t even knowing the photo was taken, Brendan’s face began popping up around the city as part of the new campaign for the 2018 K-Days event.


He’s been in emails, pamphlets, and on billboards across the city.

He says the experience has been pretty hilarious and has been enjoying a good laugh amongst friends with his newfound K-Days fame.

I chatted with Brendan about his experience being a new Edmonton celebrity, and how the glorious photo was snapped of him:


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LISTEN: "Apparently I'm the face of K-days!" This Man Became The New Face of K-Days & Hilariously Didn't Even Know It

Originally Aired: June 20, 2018

Brendan said with a laugh that he hopes to be honoured by K-Days with a crown as the King of their parade.  But if not, he’ll still cherish the billboard and it’s hilarity forever.



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