At SONiC we were able to send 4 deserving teens from the Glenrose Rehabilition Hospital to see Vance Joy this week, and last night, Vance even SHOUTED them out on stage!


This all happened after Will, who works at the Glenrose Rehab hospital, sent us an email saying how he works with 4 awesome teens who he really wanted to surprise by sending them to the show.  The teens struggle with depression and anxiety, and they had been big fans of Vance, even learning to play some of his songs at the Glenrose on the Ukulele.


Thanks to SONiC music director Brandy Taylor & Vance Joy’s team, we were able to pull a few strings and get the teens & Will tickets to see Vance Joy, 5 spots in his exclusive SONiC session, and a chance to even meet Vance and get pictures with him.


Then, Vance Joy incredibly shouted out the teens of “room 302” last night on stage & dedicated one of his biggest hit songs to the kids, “Lay it On Me”.  Here’s the video:

I talked with Will & one of his teens Ashley, who was at the show about this incredible experience.

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LISTEN: Vance Joy Shouted Out 4 Edmonton Teens From The Glenrose Rehab Hospital at Rogers Place Last Night

Originally Aired: June 28, 2018


Shoutout to Vance for being awesome, Will for being a great guy, and all the incredible teens from the Glenrose at the show.

– Lauren Hunter