I, Lauren Hunter, have been banned from the Flat Earth Conference as media in Edmonton.

Earlier this year, I chatted with Robbie Davidson, the ORGANIZER of this Edmonton conference happening at West Edmonton Mall, to have an open conversation about beliefs.

Jokingly, I brought up the existence of Santa and had a spirited debate to which I thought was all in good fun.

However, when I tried to get a media pass later, I heard from the organization that I was banned as media from the event.

Here’s the call that got me banned:

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LISTEN: Lauren Debates the Existence of Santa With The A Flat-Earther (Who's the Organizer of the Conference in Edmonton)

Originally Aired: March 2, 2018

When I talked to the organizer a few weeks ago to attend the conference as media, he referred to that call as “disgusting and vile and shameful”… and hence the ban.

Ahhh, Flat earthers. They make the world go round.

– Lauren