Meet Louisa Daley. She’s 94 years young, and she’s going back to school in the fall!

Louisa is doing long distance learning at Athabasca University – and she is currently working on a Masters Degree.

I got a chance to chat with Louisa, or Louise as she likes to be called – about her incredible and inspirational story.
According to Athabasca University, “Louisa Gertrude Claydon, was born March 18, 1924, in the village of Norton in Stockton-on-Tees, County Durham, where she lived until she was nine.”

Louisa said after the death of her husband, and several conversations with her children, she wanted to do something with her time instead of sitting around, so she chose to go back to school!

Here’s our chat on what it’s like to be a 94 year old student – and we also got her to rate some of our SONiC music for fun! 😉


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LISTEN: Lauren Talks With This Amazing 94-Year-Old Great Grandma Going Back to University in The Fall

Originally Aired: August 23, 2018

According to Louisa, her 2 keys to a long and happy life are:
1. Always keep your brain working, and
2. Always stay laughing

Congrats to Louisa and we wish her all the best in her studies in the fall!

– Lauren Hunter