Arkells release their fifth studio album Rally Cry on October 19. Tomorrow we get the first single. 

On Monday the band began teasing “Relentless”. Mixing new sounds with the usual optimistic Arkells lyrics, the song promises to be a SONiC Field Day singalong.

The band provided more details of the album saying, “We made Rally Cry in the midst of touring our last record, with our live show fresh in our minds each time we entered the studio.” Frontman Max Kerman added, “On Rally Cry, there’s an urgency to recording these songs and hearing them back. It’s our sharpest and most concentrated effort yet. [It’s] the idea of a communal heart, a connected spirit. Whether it’s political songs or love songs, they share the same starting place.”

Enter for YOU vs. ARKELLS here and battle Arkells in an epic game of volleyball at SONiC Field Day! 

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