According to Arkells frontman Max Kerman, his favourite Spice Girls varies from day to day, but for the sake of this contest let’s just say he loves Sporty Spice the most. 

What does this prove? That Arkells are ATHLETIC AF.


Think you’ve got what it takes to annihilate Max, Mike, Nick, Tim and Anthony of Arkells in a VERY SERIOUS game of volleyball at SONiC Field Day? Well, grab five of your pals, your booty shorts and enter HERE! 

You’ll get:

  • A good time with the boys in Arkells
  • Six VIP SONiC Field Day tickets
  • The title of being the only folks to battle Arkells in a highly professional game of volleyball

Criteria for You vs. Arkells applicants:

  • Must be nice
  • Must be prepared to have a good time
  • No prior knowledge of the sport is required
  • Team name and uniform is preferred

Enter here for YOU vs. ARKELLS!

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