Weird Al loves them, and so should you!

Accordions are a magical instrument – their sound charms us and makes us smile – there’s no question a good accordion song will cheer you up.

And I happened to be driving down the road the other day when I noticed a sign for Edmonton’s very own Accordion Extravaganza happening in our city this weekend at St. John’s Cultural Centre!

To celebrate this news – I’ve always been fascinated by the accordion & thought it would be fun to get a player from the festival (and organiser) Charlie to play some accordion for us live on the radio!

So he gave us a fast fun performance – and told us some fascinating facts from his accordion career.


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LISTEN: Edmonton Is Hosting It's Own Accordion Festival this Weekend and It's Going to Be AMAZING Accordion to Us!

Originally Aired: September 12, 2018


For more on Edmonton’s Accordion Extravaganza, you can visit the Edmonton Accordion Society’s website, HERE.