The song that made for one of the most intense moments of Grandson’s set at SONiC Field Day now has a powerful music video to go along with it.

Of the video, the 24-year-old musician told Billboard,

“In today’s political climate, with unprecedented transparency and access to information, we can do two things when confronted with the uncomfortable truth: we can ignore the evidence, gaslight the victims, obfuscate facts and distract the public, or we can try and tackle these issues head-on and demand that systemic failure be met with systemic change.  I believe art, and rock ‘n’ roll, must always side with the latter. ‘6:00’ is the depiction of corruption, shortsighted greed and power gone wrong, with revenge served at the end. It is everything that being an ally, and being a grandkid, is about.”

Grandson’s EP A Modern Tragedy Vol. 1 is out now.

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