Despite their global success, Twenty One Pilots still have their insecurities. 

Opening up to Kerrang!, the duo admitted that they still question their own abilities. Tyler Joseph explained saying, “There’s certain things that you work through, as a human. Obviously, there’s things where it’s like, ‘Are we good enough to play music for a living? Are we good enough to write songs and show people what we’re made of?’ As things got bigger, there was some confidence instilled in us – like, ‘You know what? Actually we can do this…'”

“But there are also a lot of aspects of doubt and insecurity that the level of success doesn’t even affect. And, partially, I’m glad, because I don’t necessarily want that external reward to solve some sort of internal issue.”

Despite their insecurities, the band credits their doubt for helping fuel their energetic performances. “I think that Josh and I will take every stage with a bit of needing to overcome something, and wanting to work through something. We never want to feel completely comfortable; we want people to see us working through something, and for us to struggle, and see a bit of turmoil and chaos.”

The band’s new album Trench is out October 5.