Meet Siobhán:  She’s has a 100% legitimate irrational fear of opening Pillsbury Dough cans.  So we made her come into the studio and open one LIVE on the radio.

The results were hilarious, amazing, and terrifying (for her).

HUGE shoutout to Siobhán for confronting her fear.

Here’s how it went on the radio, and she explains how she got the fear:


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LISTEN: Lauren Made This Woman Face Her Fear of Pillsbury Dough Cans By Opening One On The Radio & It was Amazing

Originally Aired: October 5, 2018


Video coming soon.


In the past few weeks I’ve also made listeners face their fears of Hairless cats & birds by bringing parrots!

If you have a fear you want to confront, email or get in touch via my Facebook page and I’ll contact you!


– Lauren Hunter