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1. Tom Morello feat. Portugal. The Man – “Every Step That I Take”

Tom Morello teamed up with Portugal. The Man for a suicide prevention song inspired by Chris Cornell. Following Cornell’s passing in May 2017, Morello wrote the song to highlight mental health awareness, partnering with the suicide prevention organization SAVE-Suicide Awareness Voices of Education.

“With the passing of Chris over a year ago, and the momentum towards removing the stigma from mental health issues and suicidal thoughts, it was very important to have a song from that point of view,” Morello told the Chicago Tribune. “Every Step I Take” is off Morello’s upcoming album Underground Atlas, which will be released on October 12.

2. Grandson – “6:00”

Grandson tackles the issue of police brutality in “6:00”. The song echos a strong narrative of today’s political climate, specifially within America. “In today’s political climate, with unprecedented transparency and access to information, we can do two things when confronted with the uncomfortable truth: we can ignore the evidence, gaslight the victims, obfuscate facts and distract the public, or we can try and tackle these issues head-on and demand that systemic failure be met with systemic change,” Grandson, whose real name is Jordan Benjamin, says. “I believe art, and rock ‘n’ roll, must always side with the latter. ‘6:00’ is the depiction of corruption, shortsighted greed and power gone wrong, with revenge served at the end. It is everything that being an ally, and being a grandkid, is about.”

The video was directed by renowned music video director Gus Black and drives awareness for Campaign Zero, an organization dedicated to eradicating police violence in America.

3. The Smashing Pumpkins – “Silvery Sometimes (Ghosts)”

It’s safe to say that Billy, James and Jimmy are back to their ’90’s magic. The song was produced by Rick Rubin, who was a frequent collaborator with the band during the ’90’s. The song is off an upcoming album Shiny and Oh So Bright, Vol. 1 / LP: No Past. No Future. No Sun., and will be released on November 16.

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