3 adorable Saint Bernard dogs have captured the hearts of Edmonton after a plea to adopt them by the Edmonton Humane society has gone viral.


Now, it a heartwarming turn of events, over 200 people have inquired about adopting the dogs!  The Saint Bernards’ case is unique because EHS says the trio must be adopted together, since they’ve been with each other since birth & are furr-ever friends.  Saint Bernards are massive dogs that require hundreds of dollars in food a month.


I talked with the EHS to learn more about the adorable pups, find out what they’re like to be around, and learned about the crazy response from people wanting to adopt them.


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LISTEN: Edmonton Humane Society Has Over 200 Inquiries About Adopting Trio of Adorable Saint Bernards & It's Paw-sitively Awesome

Originally Aired: October 10, 2018


The Edmonton Humane Society also wants to remind you that there’s also tons of other amazing animals with awesome stories that need good homes too.  If you want to adopt, visit their website here now.