In an interview with Dash Radio, Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis revealed that the band has an unreleased song about suicide. In recent years, many prominent celebrities have committed suicide, Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington, Robin Williams, Kate Spade and more. Kiedis explained saying,

“Pain is a better source of inspiration, suffering is a better source of inspiration, difficulty is a better source of inspiration, those kind of emotions tend to come out on the last record. Josh had this beautiful little chord progression and Robin Williams died, and I was for some weird reason affected by that, like he felt when he left when he left this Earth, I felt like we lost the energy of a saint. He was such a giver and as messed up as he might have been or if he didn’t like his comedy, whatever, his whole vibe was to make the world a better place, I felt.

And so, I was stricken with grief over the loss of someone that I was not close to and I ended up writing a song about not judging people for killing themselves because they’re in so much pain that you can’t even comprehend. Like maybe it was a miracle that he got 65 years on this Earth, surviving with that pain, and raising his family with that pain, so when he finally checked out I was like, ‘let’s just, let’s not judge him for that.’ We don’t know what he was going through.”

When asked which song he was describing, Kiedis answered, “It didn’t make it on the record”.


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