Vancouver’s Said The Whale have a new record on the way, arriving sometime in early 2019. The untitled album’s first single, “UnAmerican”, tells the story of Kevin, who according to Tyler Bancroft, is a “socialite [going] through life letting the music he’s listening to influence everything he’s doing. Through it all, he just wants to be a good person.”

The video was made using no visual effect or green screen. 2,250 separate pieces of paper were used to create the 3 minute video.

Bancroft explained the idea behind the song further saying that “around the time I was writing the song, I kept hearing the label ‘UnAmerican’ being given to people who were upset and bewildered by Donald Trump’s antics. And so I started to equate ‘UnAmerican’ with ‘good and decent’ because bewilderment seems like the most normal response to someone as unhinged as Donald Trump.”

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