Last week Jack White was in Edmonton for a big concert. However the night didnt go so well for a local woman. Allyson MacIvor was there with a female friend and during a song, leaned in for a kiss. At that moment an usher came down and told them that wasn’t allowed. Obviously Allyson was discouraged and made a post about the incident online. It picked up so much traction that Jack White caught wind of it and dedicated “Love Interruption” to her at the next concert.

Allyson has received a ton of support over this, from around the world. Rogers Place even owned up right away admitting it wasnt at all appropriate for the usher to do. She talked to sonic about the whole ordeal.

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LISTEN: Woman In The Middle Of Homophobic Incident At Rogers Place Talks To Sonic. Jack White Responds.

Originally Aired: November 7, 2018

Jack White even addressed this online.

– Bryce

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