Jack White is currently on tour in support of his album Boarding House Reach. Throughout the tour, he’s had incredible custom posters for each city he plays. This was Edmonton’s when he played Rogers Place this past month.

White plays the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago tonight and the poster comes from none other than the most offensive game in the history of games – Cards Against Humanity!

The poster reads “When Jack White performed at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago on Nov. 19, 2018, he surprised fans with _____.” with a list of possible answers.

  • A quiet, poignant acoustic guitar ballad.
  • Jack White’s collection of taxidermied animal heads.
  • Jack White’s testosterone-fueled dementia.
  • Jack White’s mom coming on stage and dancing.
  • A bizarre partnership with Cards Against Humanity.
  • Jack White.

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