WOW!!! This is crazy!

Earlier a few weeks ago, I made “How to Become a Christmas Couple” – a silly tutorial video showing you how to make Christmas Tree Hair & Glitterbeard!  I posted the video on SONiC’s Facebook page – and a nationally syndicated viral video show in the States called “Right This Minute” (they have over 600,000 followers on Facebook!) saw the video and ended up airing a few clips to their broadcast ACROSS the United States!!! Thanks to your support – Sonic got to represent around North America!


You can watch the broadcast that aired HERE (My clip starts at around 1:14)! 



I also got a message from “Newsweek” -the magazine in the States that has over 1 million followers on Facebook – that they might use a clip in a video as well!  I will keep you posted!



Here’s the original Christmas Couple Tutorial video:


But hey Thank YOU SONiC boys and girls as always for your love and support on my content, without YOU I wouldn’t be able to do what I do!


– Lauren Hunter
You can watch more of my videos I’ve made with SONiC HERE on my Youtube Channel!!!