Canadian indie sweethearts Wintersleep will return with their sixth studio album in 2019.

“In The Land Of” arrives on March 29, 2019. Frontman Paul Murphy explains that the album has “a lot of the songs [that] touch on this idea of being a stranger or feeling foreign in all the different landscapes in which the songs took place lyrically.”. The album title is intentionally an incomplete sentence to encourage thought and introspection. “It all relates back to the land [of Canada],” says guitarist Tim D’Eon.

Murphy describes “Surrender” as a love song, saying it’s, “wrapped up in the relinquishing of control over one’s feelings”. Drummer Loel Campbell frames it as “the struggle that lots of people go through: of meaning, purpose. Are you happy? Are you doing the right things for yourself?”.

Wintersleep play the Starlite Room on Friday, April 19! Win tickets here.

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