Candy Cane Lane is back for it’s 50TH YEAR(!!!) this year in Edmonton, so I thought it would be fun to talk to one of the residents of Candy Cane Lane to learn more about this iconic Christmas staple in Edmonton.

Duane Hunter (no relation to me, Lauren Hunter haha!) from the Candy Cane Lane Committee joined me to chat about it.

He explained HOW Candy Cane Lane got started, and told us that Candy Cane Lane is actually Edmonton’s second biggest contributor to the Food Bank, only behind Heritage Days!  An incredible achievement that’s a testament to the hard work and incredible decorating its’ residents do.  LISTEN HERE:

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Candy Cane Lane Is Edmonton's 2nd Biggest Contributor to the Food Bank

Originally Aired: December 13, 2018

If you visit Candy Cane Lane, please bring a donation for the Edmonton Food Bank. There are donation bins located all along the route for your convenience. An average of 25,000 kg of food are donated each year!
To learn more, you can visit here!  The Lane is open to visitors now around 148th street and 95th avenue.

Duane wanted to thank all of the residents for their hard work on Candy Cane Lane every year, and to the community for their support.  An incredible job, by everyone!

– Lauren Hunter