Ron MacLean is in Sherwood Park for Rogers’ Hometown Hockey this weekend, so I got the chance to chat with Canada’s legendary broadcaster about hockey, Connor McDavid, and what bands are on Ron Maclean’s iPod.

In the chat, Ron mentioned that he believes that Connor playing with mini hockey sticks as a child ultimately led to his success as an NHL player.

I played mini hockey sticks – definitely didn’t help ME get to the NHL tho 😛


Here’s my chat with Ron, we talked in 3 different segments on the radio so I cut them together for you.

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LISTEN: Legendary Canadian Broadcaster Ron Maclean Tells Lauren Hunter Connor McDavid Mastered Hockey Playing "Mini Sticks"!

Originally Aired: January 4, 2019

Also – Ron mentioned he’s a big fan of Dear Rouge and Arcade Fire – so shouout to those bands for Ron’s high praise!  That’s pretty impressive.

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– Lauren Hunter