The internet EXPLODED today after Vancouver issued an extreme weather alert over a forecast of -2.

Many people noted that lots of places in Canada face much COLDER temperatures on a regular basis, case in point being Edmonton where our weather today reached a frosty -25.

People did note that the alert could be to benefit homeless people, who might not be prepared for the colder temps in Vancouver, however I decided to call 2 Vancouverites to see how they were holding up during this… difficult time.

I reached out to Kevin and Sonia, morning show hosts at our sister station in Vancouver, Kiss Radio, to see how they were faring. Hilarity ensued:

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LISTEN: Lauren Calls Vancouverites To See How They're Holding Up During the Extreme Weather Alert Over Forecast of -2

Originally Aired: January 8, 2019

BIG shoutout to Kevin and Sonia for chatting with me – they are hilarious and I actually used to work with them back in the day in Kelowna!

You can follow their show HERE.

 – Lauren Hunter