There’s an incredible story of 3 Edmontonians who are driving down to Mexico to donate a fire truck to a community that doesn’t have one.

Roger, Brad, and Chris have headed out on the extremely long trek and are ALMOST at their goal of giving the truck to the municipality of Puerto Morelos. They decided to make the journey after discovering on a vacation that Puerto Morelos was ill-equipped to handle fires.  Their truck is STUFFED with equipment to help the fire department, and the guys also hope to help train some people in the municipality to fight fires

I caught up with these 3 incredible individuals to see how the journey is going! Chris did most of the chatting:


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LISTEN: Lauren Talks With The Edmontonians Driving To Mexico To Donate A Fire Truck

Originally Aired: January 10, 2019

The guys said they’re currently stuck near Stone Wall, Texas due to paperwork issues trying to bring the truck over the border.

They thanked everyone for their incredible online support and hope to get the truck to the town as soon as possible.

Shoutout to Roger, Brad, and Chris for being amazing Edmontonians!