Meet the Edmontonian who drives a Lamborghini in the snow in the middle of winter!

Oren Zamir is a man who has caught media attention after photos of him driving his Lambo in the cold throws of winter went viral.

I managed to track down Oren and chatted with him about why he decided to drive a sports car in the snow, and whether he will ever let his kids touch dad’s Lambo!



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LISTEN: Lauren Talks with This Edmontonian Who Drives his Lamborghini in The Middle of Winter

Originally Aired: January 14, 2019

Oren said he feels very privileged in the Lamborgini and likes to spread the love.  He has volunteered in the past to give rides to kids with cancer for charity events in the city, and tries to help out and offer rides to those who might not be able to try a super-car otherwise.

He mentioned his reasoning for driving the Lambo in the winter is primarily because his work season is very busy in the summer, and he’s often not in town & can’t drive it.  Oren added that his car rarely gets stuck in the snow, because he has a button to raise the front of the car an inch, so it’s less likely to snag on the snowbanks.

I for one, think it’s pretty darn awesome.

– Lauren Hunter
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